Posted by: goldengatefellowship | December 9, 2011

GGF News 12/9/2011

Maybe the most famous question from Handel’s Messiah is “Who is the King of Glory?”.  At Christmas time particularly- this questions still hangs in the air.  Clearly most of those at the very first Christmas didn’t know who He was- and I think the same could be said of us today.  Could it be that our very understanding of who Jesus is- maybe our greatest obstacle in seeing who Jesus is.  It was true 2011 years ago.  Is it true for you and me?  Join us this Sunday as the children present this in their play.
If you would like to discuss and of these thoughts further- I would love to get together with you.  Don Creasman 519-5556

THIS SUNDAY!  Christmas Children’s Program and Santa!. 

THERE IS STILL TIME!  Children’s Christmas Boxes for Ensenada!
Get your boxes in by Wed the 14th. Don’t miss this opportunity to be blessed and to bless others.  Families, Small Groups, Office Groups, and other Churches can all get in on the Blessing.  We need everyone’s help!   For more info- check out the attached flyer.

Christmas Box Donations!
  If you can’t do the shopping – we still need your help.  We need donations to help cover the box contents and for transportation.  Just mark your check Christmas Boxes- thanks!

There will be no Christmas Morning Service at GGF

Christmas Evening Combline Service in Oakland 8pm – St. Paul’s.  Everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of song and reflection.  After the service  Austin and Anja Lambe have invited us all to there home (nearby) for some beverages.  Please feel free to bring a beverage to share.  Their address is- 863 Trestle Glen Road, Oakland, CA 94610.  The link to the St. Paul’s is-

“The Mystery of Suffering” Sermon Series.  In January we will begin a discussion on Suffering.  Please take some time to reflect on the questions and experiences you have concerning suffering.  If you could email them, or drop them in the box, we will try to look at them during the series. 

Benevolence Funds Needed!   Recently GGF had the privileged of helping someone make their rent payment.  We need to replenish our benevolence funds.  If you would like to be a part of the blessing- just mark your check Benevolence. Thanks!

GGF  Sermon Podcast!  If you were out of town- or would just like to hear last week’s sermon over- this is for you! Check out this Link and let us know what you think.

Book Club-  Thursday, January 26th.   This month we choses The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak.   Why not read a great book and get together with great people.  For more info- contact Kathleen Talbot at   

Small Groups-  We would like everyone at GGF to belong to a Small Group. There are several opportunities, and different kinds of Small Groups available.  Please contact me and we’ll find the right Small Group for you!  Don  519-5556

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