Posted by: goldengatefellowship | October 14, 2011

GGF News 10/14/2011

Does God want to control us?  I recently read that the opposite of love is not really hatred, but control.  And when we are not living in love, we invariably try to control others.  God remains in love- and therefore out of control.  What do you think?  Find some time to consider these thoughts- and join us this Sunday.                                                                                                                          If you would like to discuss any of these thoughts further- I would love to get together with you. Don Creasman- 519-5556

Nov. 6th  Pastor Chung’s Story.  GGF desires to be a place where friends can share their life’s journey.  Join us as we hear of Pastor Chung’s escape from North Korea as a young child.

GGF  Sermon Podcast!  If you were out of town- or would just like to hear the sermon over- this is for you! Check out this Link and let us know what you think.

Book Club-   October 24th.   The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti.   Why not read a great book and get together with great people.  For more info- contact Kathleen Talbot at  

Small Groups-  We would like everyone at GGF to belong to a Small Group. There are several opportunities, and different kinds of Small Groups available.  Please contact me and we’ll find the right Small Group for you!  Don  519-5556

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