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GGF News 9/29/2011

This Sunday we will be reviewing our time in the Book of Acts.

Try to find some time to reflect on the themes below, and consider how they may apply to your life.

If you would like to discuss any of these thoughts further- I would love to get together with you.

Don Creasman- 519-5556

Acts 1. 1-11 Acts is the Birth of the Church- and the Gift of the Holy Spirit (the third person of the Trinity).  Main theme- Christ in You.  Main character- the Holy Spirit. 

Acts 1.12-26 Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in?  The Upper Room was full of people that felt the same way.  Their differences and their failures didn’t matter- because they all fell in love with the same person- Jesus! 

Acts 2.22-36  Could Christianity be a barrier in keeping people from finding God?  The greatest obstacle to their understanding who God was- was their understanding of who God was. 

Acts 2. 37-47  Imagine that God loved you so much that He asked if he could move in with you.  He just wanted to be around you- all the time.  He wanted to go to work with you, watch TV with you, shop, play video games, and just do whatever you were doing.  Can you see God sleeping on your couch out of a desire to be with you. 

Acts 3.1-16  A couple of months ago we discussed the concept- “I don’t know what will make me happy”.  It seems a bit depressing- but it has actually brought me much freedom and peace.  It is reinforced in this passage.

Acts 4.1-7  The Secret to the Christian Life is not to try harder!  Trying to be like Jesus is noble- but exhausting.

Acts 5.1-11  How does fear/awe help the Kingdom of God?  Could Jesus become even more attractive through awe and fear? 

Acts 5.12-26  What would it be like if God threw a party that got a little out of hand.  At the birth of the Church God used even shadows to bring healing.

Acts 5.27-42  Have you ever found yourself doing the very thing you were determined not to do?  I think we all have.   In Acts the church was devoted to love and compassion- yet they discovered they were showing ugly favoritism.  Don’t we all struggle with favoritism?  

Acts 6.8-15  Have you ever noticed how good it feels to point out other people’s faults?  “To show someone else as a sinner gives you the feeling that you are a saint”  -even though it is a false feeling.

Acts 7.1-8  Does the average, church-going, religious person want a God of Grace and Mercy?  During Jesus’ day, thechurch-goers did not want a God of Grace- but a God of Judgement!  Sometimes I wonder if things are any different.

In Just One Week!!  We’ll be headed to spectacular Muir Woods!  GGF Camping Weekend – Oct 7-9.  Mark your Calendars now!  Check out the flyer attached!

Gone Camping!  No GGF Service on Oct. 9th- 

GGF  Sermon Podcast!  If you were out of town- or would just like to hear the sermon over- this is for you! Check out this Link and let us know what you think.

Book Club-   October 24th.   The Good Thief, by Hannah Tinti.   Why not read a great book and get together with great people.  For more info- contact Kathleen Talbot at   

Small Groups-  We would like everyone at GGF to belong to a Small Group. There are several opportunities, and different kinds of Small Groups available.  Please contact me and we’ll find the right Small Group for you!  Don  519-5556

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